Refund Policy

Please contact us in writing if you believe you require a refund on a completed or cancelled journey.

If you believe an unauthorised payment has been made to us using a payment method belonging to you as a result of fraud or theft:

  • Requests must be made to us via the police or by your bank/payment provider due to Data Protection limitations. Bank or police authorisation is required in order to verify misuse and facilitate any potential refunds.

The following applies to journeys booked by phone or via the web booking form and paid for in advance by card:

  • Any paid taxi journey you wish to cancel in advance will be given a full refund, provided the cancellation is more than 24 hours before the booking.
  • Any taxi journey cancelled less than 24 hours before the booking will be refunded if the vehicle designated for your booking had not yet been dispatched on the journey. Most vehicles are dispatched between 5 and 45 minutes prior to the collection time, depending on the distance required for the driver to travel from our base in South East Northumberland. If your taxi has already been dispatched, we cannot guarantee a full refund.
  • Refunds will be submitted electronically and the funds repaid to the card used to pay for the journey. Refunds will normally take 3-5 working days to be processed.
  • Refunds for pre-paid jobs are handled by senior management. There may be a waiting period between request of a refund and the transaction being reversed whilst management investigates the issue in question.

Please Note Credit/debit card providers, online banks and the secure online banking regulations have introduced stricter security measures.  This means we need to check we can take payment from your card and ensure you are the owner of the card.  You do not need to worry if you cancel your trip, you might still see a ‘pending’ amount on your account.

This pending amount will be refunded to your original card.  However, some banks take longer to release those funds, please contact your bank if the “pending” amount has not been released after three days.

When a journey is paid for by credit or debit card through our consumer App, website or text payment link, the transaction is carried out on behalf of your driver as we act as booking agents for self-employed drivers.